Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Moonbug Soundtrack by 'The The' available to buy now!

Cineola Volume 2: Moonbug, the soundtrack by THE THE to the award winning documentary feature film directed by Nichola Bruce is now available for purchase.

The film follows Steve on his extraordinary journey across America to meet, interview and photograph his childhood heroes – the men who went to the moon.

This 80 page deluxe hardback edition features 17 new tracks from THE THE, portraits of the Apollo astronauts by Steve Pyke, an extensive interview with Steve Pyke by Matt Johnson plus notes from the director and stills from the film.

You can buy the Moonbug soundtrack Book/CD here. You can also head over here to read an extract of the conversation with The The's Matt Johnson and Steve.

Official trailer for THE THE's original soundtrack CD/Book for Moonbug:

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Steve on the World Press Photo Award judging process

Following the announcement of the World Press Photo Award winners last week, Steve was asked to share his thoughts on the winners and process of judging as he acted as this year's special jury chair for portraits:

Steve on the winners:

Steve on the first week of judging:

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Steve speaks with Jonathan Worth about the World Press Photo

Steve is currently the special jury chair of the portraits section in World Press Photo 2012 and is in Amsterdam with the other judges. He took some time out to speak with photographer and lecturer Jonathan Worth about the judging process:

Steve Pyke on reviewing over 8,000 images for the World Press Award whilst eating Brie:

Steve Pyke from the World Press Photo Award on fifteen hour days, Royal audiences and being massaged: