Friday, 28 September 2012

Philosophers book reviewed in Philosophy Now

Hi Friends!

My second volume of Philosophers has just been reviewed in Philosophy Now, i'm including a link below. Hope you're all well.

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The review was written by Constantine Sandis of 'Philosophy Now' and can be seen in full here with a select few quotes below;

Jason Stanley
Jason Stanley

"Pyke’s collection proves just how wrong Nozick was to suppose that a picture of a person in a moment of time could not reveal a lifetime’s worth of traits, beliefs, emotions and aspirations."

Referring to text contributed by philosophers;

"It is revealing to compare the content of these with those in the 1993 book, as they collectively reveal a small yet steady change in the philosophical climate. "

"Philosophers could not have hoped for a better portrait artist than Steve Pyke. "

Monday, 24 September 2012

Help bring 'Man on the Moon' to Houston

Buzz Aldrin & Steve Pyke

There are still 18 days left to help bring Steve's iconic images of iconic figures in the Space race to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. 

There are a range of rewards for funding, right from $10 to $5,000 but all funding helps to make this project a reality (The project will only be funded if the total amount is raised).

Head here to help put a Man on the Moon. 

Frank Borman by Steve Pyke

Monday, 17 September 2012

Moonbug Kickstarter is a Staff Pick

The Moonbug Kickstarter project aiming to bring Steve's images to a NASA exhibition at the Johnson Space centre has been featured as a staff pick on the crowd funding website.

You can take advantage of some awesome rewards including the finished book, signed Steve Pyke prints and event a VIP invite to the exhibition opening by heading to the project page here.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Help to fund the Moonbug exhibition at NASA

Dear friends,

Filmmaker Nichola Bruce and I have started a KickStarter project to fund Moonbug, a film to commemorate the men who first stepped foot on the moon. The project is focused on an upcoming
exhibition at NASA's Johnson Space Centre this November. A screening of Nichola's documentary Moonbug will coincide with my own portraits.

The film has a haunting soundtrack by leading electronic musician Matt Johnson of "The The"- and chronicles my odyssey to capture the pioneering astronauts in an array of outstanding profile portraits. We are hoping to also then do several screenings of the film in NYC and across the country. Please help us support the exhibition through this project. We thank you for all of your support.



You can view the video introduction below and head over to the Kickstarter page to find out more and see the available rewards for support.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

World Trade Center Site, Evening of September 15 2001

On September 15 2001 I was asked to photograph structural damage to a building directly adjacent to the World Trade Center. This is what I found that night. They have never been published...