Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sean O'Hagan reviews 'Philosophers' on guardian Art blog

Sean O'Hagan wrote a review for Steve's 'Philosophers' series, currently on show at Flowers Gallery, London.

The full article can be read by clicking on the image below.

"The Philosophers series, like all portraits, tells us something about mortality – theirs and ours. "As time passes by and you look at portraits," Cartier-Bresson once said, "the people come back to you like a silent echo. A photograph is a vestige of a face, a face in transit. Photography has something to do with death. It's a trace." One senses that AJ Ayer utterly understood that when he submitted his elderly, vulnerable self to Steve Pyke's scrutiny, setting this epic project in motion. In Pyke's portrait, Ayer's face is fixed forever in its calm inscrutability, defying us – and Pyke – to read it, sending the curious viewer elsewhere in search of meaning: towards his work, towards his words."

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