Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What Does a Philosopher Look Like?

A J Ayer, London, 5 October 1988 © Steve Pyke

From issue 55 of The Philosopher’s Magazine, Cynthia Freeland wrote an essay on Steve's Philosophers series. The essay can be seen on the Talking Philosophy blog and raises interesting questions of the portraits Steve has been making since the late 80's.

Noam Chomsky, Boston, 29 May 1990 © Steve Pyke

Head over to the blog post itself to read all the comments from contributors and add your own opinions.

Rebecca Kukla commented:

"Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent my whole life among philosophers but I find these shots deeply ‘appetizing’ for the most part. These are character-filled, thoughtful, real faces, and most of the pictures make me want to talk to that person"

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