Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ship of Fools screening - Monday Night!

Steve plays the role of photographer Richie Hughes in the film 'Ship of Fools' which On Monday 5th May will have a private screening at 'The Heath' from 6pm - 9pm in New York, for more information on the event, see here.

For more information about the film see here -

SHIP OF FOOLS is a cinematic journey set in 1972. It follows the story of fictional rock photographer Richie Hughes and his time on the road with the drug fueled band "Stranded". Embracing an innovative form of collaboration, the story was created, developed, and co-written by Maggie Fine, Mallory Gracenin, Rotimi Paul, and Natasha Soto-Albors. Directed by Mike McGuirk, working with Director of Photography John Kelley, it incorporates the use of beautiful cinematography with elaborate steadi-cam shots and the use of advanced cameras like the Phantom Miro. With an original soundtrack by Tony Perry and Brendan McGuirk, SHIP OF FOOLS is musically galvanized to create a powerfully entertaining story.